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BT Texno Servis is a reliable partner in the transportation and disposal of medical waste. We guarantee transparency, safety, and professionalism at every stage, from collection to disposal. With specialized licenses, certificates, and adherence to all required standards in the field, we ensure credibility and security. Reliability and safety are our top priorities.

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Collection, transportation and disposal of medical waste

Fully automated medical waste management.

The management process of medical waste is fully automated. The collection and transportation of medical waste are carried out through the BT Texno Servis mobile application, allowing for transparent monitoring of the process. Thus ensuring convenience, transparency, as well as accurate recording and tracking of every gram of waste.

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"If you're facing challenges in the safe collection, transportation, and disposal of medical waste, partnering with 'BT Texno Servis' could be the ideal choice for you. Professionalism, safety, and transparency are our main priorities. We're here to understand your needs, offer solutions that meet them, and protect the environment."

The management process of medical waste is carried out without harming the environment. Our furnaces located at the Waste Management Center, under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, ensure combustion at temperatures reaching 1250 degrees Celsius. Additionally, these incinerators are equipped with advanced filtration and double-stage wet scrubbing systems. These systems enable the complete breakdown of medical waste into safe components such as ash and gas, minimizing the release of harmful substances into the environment.

Only 5% of the total volume of waste remains as ash. In the secondary combustion chamber, combustion residues - gases - are completely neutralized. Here, they are heated to temperatures ranging from 1100 to 1500 degrees Celsius. As a result, the risk of hazardous emissions entering the atmosphere is reduced to zero.

In the video titled 'The Medical Waste Resulting from My Surgery' by Maria Koijck, it is evident that a significant amount of medical waste is generated from just one surgery.

The incineration of medical waste is not just a process. It is a mission of care for the future of our planet. Therefore, we continue our daily struggle for the health of our population, one medical waste disposal after another. Today and tomorrow - with care and responsibility.

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